The Art of Posting Without Posting

Hmm... Looks like I went ahead and created yet another blog. I think this makes six... strange. I seem to have some absurd fetish with creating blogs, designing them, changing around all the settings to my liking, and then never posting on them ever again. In fact this whole little ordeal strangely reminds me of a Bruce Lee quote. In "Enter the Dragon", Bruce Lee is asked by a rival fighter what his fighting style is, to which Bruce replies,"I practice the art of fighting without fighting." For some time now, I have tried to decipher what this little quote might mean, and after much deliberation I think I have finally figured it out. Old Brucie was likely saying that he was capable of defeating opponents (or fighting them) without actually fighting. Okay. Wow. I am doing a terrible job of explaining this. Let me try again.

During the time of "Enter the Dragon"'s theatrical release, Lee was known as an expert martial artist, and in the movie "Enter the Dragon", he is revered by many of his fellow rival fighters. Thus, Bruce Lee gave off an aura so to speak, an aura or rather a reputation that instantly created fear and intimidation within his opponents. But it goes even further than this. By mastering the art of fighting without fighting, Lee also had to acknowledge within himself that he was one of the greatest fighters who had ever lived; that's not to say that he was cocky or arrogant, but rather that he was simply confident of his own abilities and skills. Thus, whenever he entered a battle, he went in with having the idea that he had already won because he was so sure of his skills; therefore he did not even need to fight, because in his mind he had already won the second he stepped into the arena.

Anyway, I feel this quote can be applied to my writing at times. Although I have failed to keep up with some of my past blogs at times, I still know that somewhere within me lies the skills and abilities to become a great writer. I am in fact quite confident of this. Thus, from this day forth, I am going to try and post SOMETHING of worth on this site on a semi-consistent basis. So I hope those of you that are reading this, will continue to check in from time to time to see what I have to say (or rather what I have to write)...


  1. What a great intro for a new blog!
    I'm glad that you are going to be writing regularly (other than writing for school).

    I look forward to reading what you write on here! :D

  2. Yeah, I've fairly mastered the art of not posting on my blog either. I like writing on it...I just always seem to have something else to do. I'll add your blog, and every time one of us posts, maybe it'll remind the other one. =)

  3. Good idea Kevin. I'll do the same.